Roger Clinton, Jr., is convicted for crimes related to drugs and sentenced to two years in prison.

Bill Clinton remained a popular figure in Arkansas due to his successes as governor. He entered his 1984 re-election campaign with confidence, making economic growth as well as education improvement the centerpieces of his campaign. After winning the Democratic primary, Clinton faced his Republican opponent, a contractor named Woody Freeman. At one point, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger made a campaign appearance for Freeman. Clinton fought back by saying, “ I hope Mr. Kissinger tells us everything he knows about what Arkansas needs, and I hope my opponent tells Mr. Kissinger everything he knows about what Arkansas needs in a utility contractor.”

Critics attacked Clinton for not paying enough attention to Arkansas’s economic growth. Freeman pledged not to raise taxes and promised to run the state like a business. Clinton responded by releasing his 1985 legislative package. It was an economic growth plan that included job training and new funds for industrial development. Clinton also said that he intended to launch a nationwide campaign to attract tourism and new business to Arkansas.

Clinton ended up winning easily, garnering 63 percent of the vote.