We are going to bring the beer, the food, the music, and the venue. We want YOU to bring the exhibit! 

For the July 9th History Happy Hour: Celebrating Dickson Street, we are inviting the community to help us create a pop-up, crowd-sourced exhibit of all things Dickson Street. We would love to have you bring your photos, tshirts, CDs, matchbooks, restaurant menus, books, albums, signs, or whatever else you might have that represents your experience of Dickson Street over the years. We’re taking a trip down memory lane, and our community is helping us build the lane! 

Here is how it works: you bring your item(s) to the museum at 930 W. Clinton Drive, Fayetteville before July 9th or even the night of the event, and we get your contact information. You tell us a little bit about the artifact and what it represents. We display it that night only, and we return your artifacts to you that evening or within a week afterwards. During the event we’ll make sure your treasures are safe, and you’ll have the opportunity to see what others have brought. 

If you are interested in participating, please contact our Historian and Registrar, Flannery Quinn, at 479-444-0066 or at her email