Educational Outreach


The Clinton House Museum offers programs for children of all ages and grades. We can bring the program to the classroom, or the classroom can come to the museum. We host tours for homeschool groups, class field trips, professional development for teachers, and customized lesson plans and presentations for classroom instruction. 

Our programs match the Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks for history, social studies, and government. Our programs also touch on many other skills and areas outlined in our state curriculum standards.

Topics in our programs include Arkansas history, Arkansas symbols, geography, leadership, and famous Arkansans. Our programs can be adapted to meet the needs of your classes, and we would love to get creative with teachers who may have ideas for partnerships.

Programs we currently offer include those described below, and each can be customized for your group or class:

Symbols and Natural Resources of Arkansas Grades K-3

Overview: This lesson and presentation uses Arkansas History frameworks to blend together civics and geography. Students learn about natural resources that come from the different regions of the state, many of which are considered “symbols” of Arkansas.

Students will view a friendly and interactive Power Point presentation, while the presenter will use a regional map of the state to enhance the lesson visually and make it more meaningful for the learner. The students will play an Arkansas Bingo game at the end of the lesson and each student will receive an Arkansas Symbols activity book from the Secretary of the State’s office.

Inspired to Lead Grades 2-5

Overview: This lesson and presentation blends Arkansas History, Reading and Language, and Speaking and Listening standards together. The lesson guides students to examine the character traits of leaders born in the state of Arkansas. Many famous Arkansans are introduced in the interactive PowerPoint presentation.

The focus is on leadership traits and the cause and effect of success. Students will interact throughout the presentation with discussion questions and Department of Arkansas Heritage cards. They will play a game with the cards at the end of the presentation and give a short presentation to their classmates.

Pride in Arkansas Grades 4-8

Developed by middle school education majors at the University of Arkansas for the Bessie B. Moore Center for Economic Education, Sam Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas.

This lesson uses an Arkansas map as a graphic organizer as students learn about industry, history, natural resources, transportation, and geography. After sharing their newly developed knowledge with classmates, they regroup and compete on an internet-based Jeopardy format game.

State Symbols and Famous Arkansans’ Contributions Grades K-4

This on-site museum tour blends Arkansas civics, geography, and history standards. The tour will take students through the inside rooms and outside gardens of the Clinton House Museum. Within the tour, Arkansas state symbols will be introduced and explained. Also, childhood stories and some of the accomplishments of Bill and Hillary Clinton will be shared for students to understand their contributions to the state of Arkansas.

They will take an “investigator book” along with them on the tour to fill out as they go. At the end of the tour, students will view a regional map and find out where these symbols (natural resources) come from in the state. They will receive an Arkansas Symbols activity book from the Secretary of State’s office.