Get Down 1970s party at Clinton House MuseumIn honor of the era when Bill and Hillary Clinton were married in Fayetteville, we’ll boogie to ’70s era music from DJ Brock of Brock Entertainment, sip classic Harvey Wallbangers (or beer or wine) from Koon’s Saloon, revisit our love of the Pet Rock (c’mon, you know you want one!), and get funky with Gala Garage’s Das VW Foto Face.

Catering Unlimited is bringing a luscious spread you’ll dig, and we’ll be chilling to classic movies and television in the living room. Practice up on your ’70s advertising, pop culture, and music because there will be a test. Eventfully Yours is producing this groovy event!

Tickets are $35 and include food, drinks, and entertainment.

Dress code: groovy, obviously.

Parking is available across the street and in the neighborhood. Please contact us if you need valet parking as our driveway will not be in use.