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The Clinton Museum is now open Thursday – Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Clinton House Museum and its collections interpret the lives of President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton during the time they lived in Fayetteville and occupied the home at 930 W. Clinton Drive. With its range of programs, exhibits, and special events, the Museum promotes the legacy of the Clintons’ commitment to public service and civic engagement for international, national, and local visitors as well as preserves the historic home and its role in Fayetteville, Arkansas history.

At one bedroom and 1,800 square feet, this unassuming house in Fayetteville, Arkansas holds a special place in history. A future United States President and Secretary of State married in the living room and made their first home here in 1975. Almost two decades later the couple would enter the White House. This house served as the backdrop for that fateful day in October of 1975 and was an active center of political activity in Arkansas during the 1970s.

Visitors will see a well-preserved 1931, Tudor-revival style home in the beautiful Ozark mountains. The various exhibits include memorabilia from Clinton’s early political career, including his campaigns for US House of Representatives and Arkansas Attorney General, and a faithful replica of Hillary’s wedding dress. On the grounds is the First Ladies Garden where the favorite flowers of all 47 First Ladies are planted. We also have a store stocked with fun memorabilia of the museum as well as books by and about the Clintons and Arkansas history.

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This Place Matters

This Place Matters

People who visit the Clinton House come for this experience of just standing in a place where history happened, where a future Governor, President, Senator, Secretary of State started their lives as a couple. The house is a modest one, but isn’t that the point? We tell a story here of a young Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham, a couple who married and launched their careers in Fayetteville, Arkansas, a modest city in a small state. They represent the spirit of the American promise, that anyone from anywhere can make a positive impact in the world through public service. This house and its story are living illustrations of the  American values of democracy, hard work, and service to others. This place matters.

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How Irish are the Clintons?

How Irish are the Clintons?

On St. Patrick’s Day Americans like to indulge in traditions such as parades, wearing green, and drinking green beer to celebrate the Irish heritage in our country. Those celebrations tend to be fun but don’t often account for the historic relationships between Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the United States. Both President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton have made significant contributions to the relations between these countries. 

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